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Nature Journaling: Refrigerator Safari



你有没有真正考虑过食品 - 胡萝卜,柠檬,鳄梨的无限奇迹 - 这可能居住厨房?加入博物系John Muir LawsandFiona Gillogly因为他们在厨房野生动物园邀请您使用自然日记的工具来观察和以新的方式观察和吸引熟悉的食物。在这个互动研讨会中,他们将分享他们对自然日记的方法以及如何通过自然日记开发和磨练批判性思维技能。

Then, you’ll select an item from your kitchen and John and Fiona will guide you through intentional observation, curious questioning, and delightful drawing to get you started on your own nature journaling practice. No prior experience as a naturalist or artist is required, simply a curious mind!

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John (Jack) Muir Laws是一位科学家,教育家和作者,他通过保留所示的自然期刊和理解科学来帮助人们与大自然更深入和更加个人的联系。他的工作与科学,艺术和忠诚相交。他作为野生动物生物学家和加州科学院的助理,他认为世界严谨地关注。他寻找奥秘,与想法一起玩,并寻求他看到的所有人。注意,观察,好奇心和创造性思维不是礼物,而是通过培训和刻意实践来增长的技能。作为教育家和作者,杰克教授技术,并支持制定这些技能的例程,使他们成为日常生活的一部分。

Fiona Gilloglyage 17, has loved art and nature since she was a little girl. In 2016, when she discovered nature journaling and the work of John Muir Laws, she was thrilled to find something that combined these two things she adored. Now a passionate nature journaler and naturalist, Fiona has created more than 2,000 journal pages since she began this journey. She especially loves to ask questions and explore mysteries with her nature journal. This past June,鸟类杂志是美国观鸟协会的全国月刊杂志,发表了菲奥娜的文章“纸上的一个班德的大脑:如何保持自然期刊改善我们的观鸟体验。”

图片:北京黄瓜或番茄?由Fiona Gillogly,2018年岁月。可以找到来自Fiona的更多期刊页面here.